Honest Confessions

Every year I do the dreaded “Let’s see what pants fit after this summer and how many pairs of new jeans I need to get.”

You probably can find me eating sour gummy worms after said trying on of pants day. 

I refuse to iron anything. Nope. If Downy Wrinkle Release doesn’t get it out, dry cleaning it goes. 

This scarf should have been ironed but seriously, who irons scarves? 

I panic at the beginning of every season thinking I will never be able to put together a cute outfit. 

I have big strong thighs and calves and therefore no boots will ever have space between jeans and my leg. Seriously, who has that skinny of legs? (I know, a ton of people do and you are probably one of them.)

Gingham with Puffer Vest for Fall

Gingham with Puffer Vest for Fall

Gingham with Puffer Vest for Fall

Gingham with Puffer Vest for Fall

Fall Loafers

I hate Flo. I frigging hate her so much.  I hate her name. Flo. My mom used to call my period Aunt Flo. Progressive, every time I see Flo I think of my period and want to boycott you. 

Flo says it’s hard to look good in corduroy. Whatever. She is irrelevant about any type of fashion; has she seen what she is wearing?

I didn’t do laundry for 5 weeks. Those Victoria’s Secret coupons for free panties got me through most of that. 

I have too much underwear. 

I am the queen of car seat dancing. I can do a dance off against anyone and win. 

I have to sleep with one foot outside of the comforter but if I have both feet outside I get cold. 

I am inexplicably filled with rage every time I see overalls. 

The only thing that makes me more ragey is leather overalls. 

I can’t deal with the super torn and raggedy high waisted shorts. Yo butt needs to be covered. Don’t look like a hussy. Cover those buns. Especially since we are frigging in the fall season. 

The end. 

What are your honest confessions?