Curly Haircut Advice

Do You Ever Dye Your Hair?

No, for a couple of reasons. Curly hair doesn’t take color as well as straight hair does and I’ve heard horror stories of curl texture changing after dying. So I remain a simple brunette for life. My sister, who has very similar hair, does get highlights and light color to touch-up her grays but it is always professionally done.

Don’t forget to condition heavily after coloring so your hair stays moisturized and healthy.

How To Talk to Your Stylist

I get my haircut about every three months. Even now, when I know exactly what I want from a cut, I have a two week period where my curls “adjust” to their new cut. So, word to the wise, if you have an event coming up, I’d get a cut about three weeks out to allow for growth and that adjustment period.

My stylist always cuts it wet, although I’ve had a previous stylist (whom I love and would go to, except that I moved) do a half wet/half dry cut and used the Deva Curl cutting method. Both haircuts had their pros/cons but both stylists did an amazing job of listening to my hair and learning about it.

I once made an appointment with a stylist just to interview her to see how she cut curls, her techniques and methods. It was a 90 minute interview. No haircut. I bring this up to people when they talk about how neurotic they are. I always win with that contest.

My secret to getting a great curly haircut is this, I got to a stylist who takes 90 minutes with my hair, doesn’t give me layers, cuts, styles, cuts, styles and then has me feel my hair the entire way. After all, who else would know if it’s going to work than you? I love that she styles it, although I don’t like HOW she styles it, but she dries it enough for me to know if the cut will work for me. I would really recommend not getting hair thinned as that tends to damage curls.

Instead, cutting curl by curl keeps curly hair healthy! Stop about halfway through a haircut and feel your hair. You know what your hair feels like on a good day, even when wet, so keep that in mind and then tell your stylist if something feels off. Also, if you have a part, make sure they are cutting it with that same part you have. I alternate parts each time.

A lot of stylists mean well, but treating your curls like they are straight hair is not okay. Most people DON’T know how to cut curly hair and are too afraid to admit it and just want clients. If your hair is being styled like it’s straight, you really don’t have any idea what your curls are going to feel/look like until you are styling it the next day.

Curly Haircut Tips

  • Run away if there is a razor or texturizing razor is used. They create frizz.
  • Blunt cuts do not flatter curls, you should always cut curls on an angle.
  • In order to avoid shelving in your hair, your stylist should cut uneven layers and at an angle to give it shape and avoid the dreaded shelf.