How I Style My Curls

At least once a day I get asked what hair products I use and how I style my hair everyday. I generally try to answer them via email but I’ve had lots of requests to give more in depth instructions with photos. So today I am going to show you how I style my hair everyday. It takes a maximum of 10 minutes and almost never fails me. The only exception being when Kansas has the humidity of the Bahamas in the summer. At that point I look like Monica off of Friends. You don’t want to see what that is like. 
The Ultimate Guide For Styling Curly Hair

 Here are the products I used, as well as the lipstick color I am wearing. I chose these products only because I was having a really great hair day and didn’t need to use any of my more expensive products. I also added this shine serum after photos and my hair stayed shiny all day long. I also used a microfiber towel which helps eliminate frizz. I used to think all towels were equal but have learned that a $16 microfiber towel is worth the money. 

If you have question please let me know. I will be doing more of these posts so please let me know what you want to know.