How To Find the Best Free Stock Photography for Your Blog

I’m really thrilled with how you guys loved the last post on 20 Free Resources For Creatives. I’m always happy to know that I’m not the only one who gets excited when they from resources that are a) free b) pretty and c) fun to play around with. 

The number one question I got from that post was where to find stock photography that is blogger friendly. You know the type, the perfectly styled, perfectly white, bright, crisp photos that you dream about. Okay, maybe that last sentence was more directed towards how I feel about styled blog photography but based on my Instagram feed I know I’m not the only one who cares about it. 

How to find the best FREE stock photography for your blog, blog posts and Instagram. No more searching for the perfect styled photo for your post!
Image via RekitaNicole

There are lots of sites now that realize there is a need for styled blog photography and most blogging websites are beginning to offer either an e-courage for taking better photos or offering “creative packs” of images that are free to use as long as you attribute them.(Sidenote: even if they require you to attribute, please do! Things like that encourage them to keep offering such quality content.

If you see a site that has a similar feel and aesthetic, definitely sign up for their newsletter. Often there are surprise photo packs that are sent just to subscribers! 

RekitaNicole – Um yeah, freaking gorgeous photos here that are going to have you definitely wanting more. Be sure to sign up for the mailing list and join her squad. Also she’s adorable and really rocking her blog. 

PinkPot– I get so excited when I get an email that states there are more images headed my way. You should definitely sign up for the email list as you only get the important things and no junk mail! 

Death To The Stock Photo – A little harsh name but you get the idea. You’re going to get high-quality, awesome images once a month that will make you stand out and get ahead in the game. 

A Prettier Web – FREE styled desktop photos! If modern, bright, colorful, happy images are your thing, you need to check out this site. Trust me, this is going to save you a LOT of time. Or you can go out, get the perfect natural light-filled house, buy a white desk, Mac, flowers and all that jazz. Your choice but I’m probably going to rock these free resources. 

How to find the best FREE stock photography for your blog, blog posts and Instagram. No more searching for the perfect styled photo for your post!
Image via RekitaNicole
FoodiesFeed – Do NOT go to this site if you are dieting. You are going to walk away angry at life. However, if you aren’t dieting you are going to want to check this site out for baking inspiration, free images and well, who doesn’t like to look at food? 

Unsplash – This site doesn’t just have jaw-dropping images of nature, color and some styled landscape photos, but also has 10 free photos added DAILY. You’re never going to have to worry about seeing the same image on every visit. 

MMT– It feels a little too good to be true. These are some of the most STUNNING images of nature and travel that are going to give you all the feels + major wanderlust. 

Cupcake – The title will make you hungry but this site is ridiculously awesome for nature stock photography. 

I hope these sites help you! I don’t know about you but I love looking at pretty photos (hello, Pinterest) and I love helping other people find out how to make their great content LOOK good. Unfortunately the name of the game is that content that doesn’t look good but is great is going to suffer while not-so-great content soars because it looks good.