How to Get a Spray Tan Without Looking Like Ross From Friends

You might notice something different about me in this post. Yep. I’m tan. You guys know that I’ve done spray tans before and have asked a lot about how to prepare for them. The guys over at VersaSpa offered me a spray tan and to give tips on how to prepare for one. First thing is this, don’t be afraid of them. Second, spray tans have come a loonnggg way from what they used to be. It is pretty much impossible to be Ross from Friends in that infamous spray tan scene. It’s automated, takes under 10 minutes and gives you a summer glow. 
Summer Outfit With Spray Tan Tips
Curly Hair

Naturally Curly Brown Hair

Light blue blouse with layered statement necklace

Summer Outfit With Spray Tan Tips

Layered statement necklaces

Summer Outfit With Spray Tan Tips

Summer Outfit With Spray Tan Tips
Top: Zara (exact)
Skirt: Zara (Exact)
Shoes: Banana Republic (exact)
Necklaces: XXI Forever and JCPenny
  • First things first, exfoliate everything. 
  • Do not then cover yourself in lotion. The tan formula works best and will apply evenly. 
  • Wear very loose clothing when you go to the tanning salon.
  • If you are fair skinned I recommend NOT going darker than medium. Medium is the darkest I will go and will last about 5 days and fade naturally into your own skin color. 
  • You can wear your swimsuit or nothing while in the booth. Just remember that you will have spray lines so think about what you will be wearing for about a week. 
  • Ask, ask, ask the tanning salon staff if you have any questions. They are there to help.
  • At first you may not see color. It takes about three hours for it to show up on my skin.
  • Don’t shower for 8 hours. 
  • When you shower, some color will come off but that is normal. I always get a spray tan, sleep and then shower to take off the excess dark. 
  • Enjoy! Swim, wear bikinis, workout, wear shorts…. everything! Show off that tan!