I did it. I cropped.

I was morning in the 90’s and grew up in an extremely, extremely conservative home. I couldn’t dare EVER show my stomach, even when swimming. I vaguely remember sneaking a teen magazine behind my parents back and seeing Brittany in a crop top. I remember thinking how scandalous, but really awesome, she got to show her belly button. I mean, belly buttons were pretty scandalous in my circle. 

Top: Forever 21/ Pants: Target (clearance)/Shoes: Gift/ Necklace: IN Pink

Fast forward to 2013. I am so, so, so not that child anymore. I have completely done a 180 and am definitely not in that conservative mindset. However, certain things have stayed with me. One of them was showing my belly button. Then I kid of became obsessed with crop tops. I tried on one at Target and it was horrible. Then I found this top at Forever 21 and these pants at Target for $7. It was clearly meant to be. 

I’ve learned several things when it comes to crop tops. You have got to seriously not care about what other people think. You will be so paranoid the entire time when wearing it. Second, you have got to get a pair of high-waisted pants. I normally would hate super high wasted pants but they are what helps the outfit. 

So for all of you that are wondering whether or not you can wear a crop top. You can. Trust me. You totally can. 

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