I’m Alissa and These are My Confessions

It’s time for me to confess my most embarrassing moments. The thoughts that probably no one on the internet cares about but I need to express. Ready for this? Are you really ready? 

This isn’t easy to confess. I really mean that. Before the SuperBowl Kidd Kraddick in the Morning was doing SHOE-perbowl and giving away shoes such as: Valentino, YSL, Gucci, Prada, etc. Listen, I’m not one of those people who ever thought they would call into a radio show because is just LAME. BUT SHOES THAT COST $500-$900 SHOES? HECK YES I WILL CALL IN 45 TIMES IN 20 SECONDS TO TRY AND WIN. I woke up extra early to listen for when to call in. I mentally rolled my eyes at myself every time. “Don’t you be one of those people. Don’t you. Don’t you dare Alissa!” I thought to myself. I did it though. Oh I did it so often. I never won. I never even got through. I do however feel better telling you this. 

Casual blazer outfit with jeans
Casual blazer outfit with jeans
Casual blazer outfit with jeans
Casual blazer outfit with jeans

Casual blazer outfit with jeans

Blazer: Target (exact)
Lace Shirt: Forever21 (exact for $19.20) (eyelash lace)
Jeans: Old Navy (exact)
Shoes: BCBG (almost identical)
Purse: Kate Spade (similar) (similar)
Rings: Forever21 (exact) (exact)

 I Googled “The Cupid Shuffle Dance Easy” because two of my best friends are getting married in the same month and I have never been able to do the Cupid Shuffle. Ever. I’m not even kidding you when I say it’s written on my to-do list to have that memorized by this October. 

I was buying a few groceries and had just changed purses. You know what’s coming, right? I got to the self-checkout, all the way to the end when it tells me what the total is. So close. I get into my purse and there’s no wallet. I start to sweat but instead play it off like I am looking for my phone. It was nowhere to be found. I looked around to see if the attendant was watching. No customers. I gulped. I took a step back. Then I completely abanonded the groceries at the register, went to my car, was mortified, drove off and then found my wallet 10 minutes later. Never going to be able to go back to that grocery store. 

I’m Alissa and I feel better. The end.