I’m A Fan Friday

This was the last full week of classes for the semester! I just have classes Monday through Thursday next week and then finals. During my finals week I have some lovely ladies guest posting for me as I take 7:30 AM finals EVERY SINGLE DAY. I swear it’s like they know I’m a senior and want to punish me. Anyway, it’s Friday! Yay!

I’m a fan of: this outfit
Why? Rachelle is always so chic, encouraging and just a great gal all around! I love the pink she threw in with this black and white outfit. So chic and effortless but it looks a million bucks. 

I’m a fan of: these printables
Why? I used the label for my super fancy dinner party I am having for my friends tonight. You should definitely use these. Print, create. etc. View here

I’m a fan of: this dip
Why? I’m making it tonight and it just looks so. dang. good. Nuff. Said. Recipe here.

This week is super short because I have been staying up late every night study. I cannot wait to get a break! What are you a fan of this week?