I’m A Fan Friday

I know it’s Black Friday and all of you are probably out shopping and standing in line but I’m A Fan Friday is still happening! Dedication counts. So without further to do, here is what I am a fan of this week! 

I’m a fan of: this outfit
Why? Alyssa has an awesome name, despite spelling it wrong, and I love this outfit she wore as the perfect Thanksgiving outfit. I may be wearing this for Christmas instead. 

I’m a fan of: these cookie bars
Why? I love, love, love, love me some cookies. This is a serious problem. 
I’m a fan of: not having a cold
Why? Because I hate colds. Maya has the natural remedy if you do get one. 
I’m a fan of: faux fur
Why? I love this cozy look from Elle!
Found here 

I’m a fan of: this photo
Why? I want to go back to NYC so badly. It’s hard to believe it was almost a year ago that I was visiting it for the first time.