I’m quitting life and becoming a baker

I don’t normally blog on the weekends but I really wanted to share with you an awesome gift I recently received. For my boyfriend and I’s dating anniversary he gave me a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Yes, THE mixer of my dreams. I realize now that I am old because I get excited about kitchen appliances. 

I learned to bake at a very young age, I also learned how to cook but really I found that I loved to bake more from the very beginning. This love has followed me throughout my life, whenever I am stressed I really love to make a batch of cookies or a cake and I feel better. 

During spring break I made so many cookie with my new mixer! I was ecstatic  I thought I was going to have to wait until I got married and someone super nice got me a stand mixer. This weekend I will be making Easter desserts and trying out new bread recipes. 

If I could, I would quit my life now and go to culinary and pastry school, open up a bakery and teach people how to bake. That is the dream. I think that most girls have this dream when they are 5 but at the age of 22 I am finally having this dream. 


I freaking love baking. In my kitchen it’s like March Madness of cookies. I’ll have to do this next year and do a whole bracketology show. Monster cookies versus chocolate chip cookies is currently the round I am on right now. If men are allowed to have a whole month of sports madness, why can’t I have a month of cookie madness? Mine sounds way most tasty!