In an effort to curb my materialism…

I think I could actually support about 5 stores in Lawrence with how much I shop. I don’t say this proudly, I say this cringing. I am a college student, an incredibly lucky college student to have a little bit of money left over at the end of the month to get to spoil myself. I realize that some people are working full time to make ends meet. Although I continually talk about how great blogging is, I have to admit that I have become even more materialistic. 

There I said it. 

Phew. I even took a quiz in my marketing class and it listed me as a “trendy and impulsive person.” I don’t know if you could find something that describes me better. I am trendy, impulsive and extremely organized despite the impulsiveness.  I am also a complete contradiction. Also known as a woman.  
My shopping is ridiculous. I don’t have the money to spend on clothing every week like a lot of people do, I need to stop comparing myself and realize where I am in life. Due to this realization this month, I have joined Danielle for the 

                                             Framed Frosting SIX Piece Remix
It’s just once a week, I know I couldn’t do a whole month of just six pieces but I think once a week is just the perfect amount. I chose for my six pieces: a polka dot chambray, sequin tank top, Zara pin-striped button down, pink pencil skirt, a floral dress and a white pair of crops. (not pictured)

My plan is to really browse my Pinterest for inspiration and really try and change the outfits by accessorizing  something I really need to work on! Well, that and saving money. Oi.