In With The New

Sparkly Sequin shirt with boyfriend jeans
Sparkly Sequin shirt with boyfriend jeans

 This is the time of the year that we decide what we failed at last year and how we are going to make sure that doesn’t happy again. Last year I didn’t make any resolutions because I feel like the more pressure I have to keep them, the less likely I am to be able to keep them. However, I did make some pretty awesome changes in my life. 

I lost 15 pounds last year. I was sick and tired of looking in the mirror and I started eating Paleo and exercising. Sometimes it became an obsession and I had to see someone about that but I am incredibly happy about the weight loss. College weight had crept up on me and I was determined to lose it before I graduated. 

Andrew and I moved to the Kansas City metro area. I still drive to Lawrence or take the bus from KU’s Edwards campus nearly every day. Andrew and I are thrilled with the KC area and are extremely happy to be looking at careers here. Although we did not get the exact apartment we were expecting, it has worked out extremely well. 

I PASSED MATH! Every single time that I think about this year I think about how hard I worked to pass math. I did it! Never a math class again! 

A ridiculous amount of my friends got engaged and I was lucky enough to be there for the moments. 

Sparkly Sequin shirt with boyfriend jeans

My grandfather passed away. Reminding me to not take for granted that your grandparents will always be there. I am lucky to have a healthy and active 91 year old grandfather still alive. 

I learned that when you really say how you feel sometimes you make the best friends. This is especially true when it comes to blogging. Some of what I feel like were my best posts were ones where I laid it all out there.

I feel like in 2013 I managed to find a sense of community on the blog. You ladies have emailed me to support me, you cheer me on in school and you aren’t afraid of saying it like it is. I love reading your comments during the day. Sometimes they were what kept me from having an absolute meltdown during the semesters.

Here are some of the changes that will be happening in 2014

I will be graduating and taking the capstone course in KU’s journalism school. This class takes about 30 hours of your week and includes weekend traveling time. This is also in addition to the course load I will also be taking. Posts may sometimes be just twice a week or even 3 if I am balancing everything. My goal was to blog through the last two years of school and I am 18 weeks away from that. 

I will be starting a career. Fingers crossed.

For blogging, I am going to be sharing more about how I edit my photos. I have several before/after posts coming up that I think will help you. 

I am going to be using affiliate links. I have student loans coming up and am realizing that I need to be saving more towards paying them off. I will have a disclaimer on the side so that you can know if you click some links I may make money off them. 

I’m going to keep saying how I really feel about some of the ridiculousness that bloggers do. Sometimes we put it on ourselves and sometimes its the culture around us. I feel like until someone says it, no one is going to say the feel that way and I want it to not be that way. 

Sparkly Sequin shirt with boyfriend jeans

Sparkly Sequin shirt with boyfriend jeans
Jeans: Gap (exact)
Top: (similar) (similar) (similar)

So here’s to you 2014. Let’s play nice and be friends. 

What are you happy about? What do you wish you would have done better in 2013? What are you excited for this year? What do you think 2014 will bring you.