Isn’t it ironic?

Top:TJ Maxx/ Pants: Gap/ Shoes: Target/Jewelry: J. Crew/ Purse: Michael Kors

If I was writing my own lyrics to Ironic by Alanis Morissette, they would be something like this:

It’s like a torrential downpour when you’re wearing brand-new suede shoes. 

It’s like a clear sky when you wear rain boots because it’s supposed to rain. 

It’s like thinking your original and then you realize you are just copying someone else. 

It’s like being in a no-smoking zone and 10,000 smokers all light up at once.

It’s like finding the absolutely perfect parking spot at the mall and you realize a motorcycle is parked there. 

It’s like being excited about a new episode of a show and realizing it’s the “social media” edition. (So LAME!)

It’s like wearing an anchor print top when you live in Kansas and the closet ocean is like 18 hours away.

It’s like craving a specific meal all week and the restaurant being sold out of it when you finally have time to go there and get it. 

It’s like studying super hard for a test, saying no to doing anything fun, and then finding our your test is NEXT week. 

It’s like buying a Coke Zero bottle because you are craving it so badly and then you realize you have a bottle hidden in your bag for just such occasion. 

I’ll let you in on a secret: these things all happened to me this week.  All of them. I mean, is there anything worse than getting excited about a “new” episode and it’s just a bunch of tweets that make annoying sounds and interrupt the already seen episode? Networks, STOP THIS! 

I may not have been around 10,000 smokers all light up at once, it may have been more like 10 but it felt the same. Only a slight exaggeration. Such is my life. 

Happy Wednesday!! Linking up with Amy today!