I’ve got a question for you all + a note of thanks

My new favorite color for the summer is Essie Watermelon. It’s not too pink but also has a red tone to it so it blends in with a lot of what I wear. Plus it was free and who is going to not like free nail polish?

Ha! My stomach is NOT that big! This outfit looked AMAZING when I was standing up but it was NOT for sitting down in.

Everything tastes better when served on a pretty plate. Even just plain whole wheat toast

I got bored with studying for my abnormal psychology class so I decided to photograph my homework instead. I know, I know.

So my question is, how long have you guys had a fashion/general blog before you told your family you had it? I almost feel like I have to wait to see if I keep this up before I tell anyone because I am afraid they are going to think I am being vain and need to get over myself. What has been you guys’s experience with blogging? I sometimes wonder if I should tell anyone at all about this and even it was hard telling my best friends about it. 

You all though have truly overwhelmed me with your kindness and comments you gave me all last week. I can’t even tell you how much it mean to me. I know everyone says that but I really do mean that, you all mean so very much and I nearly cried when I saw that people were actually following me.  I really, really do cherish EVERY comment I get! You all are so gosh darn amazing and inspiring.