Just Call Me Lucille Ball

Striped Maxi Dress with Headscarf

Dress: Ross/ Scarf: J. Crew Factory/ Sunglasses: Plato’s Closet/ Shoes: Target/ Purse: Plato’s Closet.

Striped Maxi Dress with Headscarf

Every Sunday our “Memorable Television” station has on I Love Lucy. Every Sunday, you can find me watching it or having it on while blogging. Yes, this means I am a 90 year old woman at heart. Either way, Lucille Ball is playing in my room. I find it hilarious that she was considered controversial for how she wore pants on television, couldn’t say the word “Pregnant” on the show and how she championed women’s rights. 

Although the sexism and gender roles of that time permeate the show, I really respect her. Plus she has the almost same hair color as my mother (except my mother’s color is natural) so I am rather partial to her. I love that she wore sequin pants in one episode and a headscarf the next. Thanks Lucy for the inspiration! 

I leave you with the quote that can best summarize my life: 

Ricky Ricardo: Lucy’s actin’ crazy.
Fred Mertz: Crazy for Lucy, or crazy for ordinary people?

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