Just A Touch

As you can imagine by seeing my skin tone, I burn easily. Normally summer means an entire season of me getting burned by driving a whole 10 minutes in the car and general misery. Not this summer. I have successfully avoided getting any sunburns. At all, even at a water park.  That is until I went to my first professional baseball game. A) I didn’t realize baseball took an entire freaking afternoon to play B) I didn’t realize that the seats would somehow managed to all turn into gigantic reflectors ala George Hamilton style tanning.

Thankfully I covered myself in sunscreen enough that only one part of my body got burned. My legs. Actually, my thighs to my kneecaps. The one area that really requires constant movement and stretching of skin. I walked around dawdled around for 2 days after this burn. I figured it was appropriate to pair neon shorts since I was already getting comments about how bright I was. Aren’t people just swell? Oh thanks! I had NO idea my skin was super red in just 2 spots! Definitely doesn’t hurt at all. 

Shorts: Dillards
Top: J. Crew
Shoes: Steve Madden

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