Life Update Vol 2

Alright, it’s time for our pretend coffee date volume 2. I can’t believe it’s already been a couple of months since I gave you a rundown of what is happening in my life! I really despise asking where this year is going, so I won’t. However, like how is it July?

I spoke at ICT Social Media Day + Live TV!

I’ve been wanting to speak more about blogging and what I’ve learned from it but haven’t really been sure how to start. Back in May I was interviewed on the local ABC news about blogging! Shortly after, I got voted one of the top Instagram accounts for ICT (Wichita) and was asked to speak about building community through authenticity. It was sooo much fun and I got to meet so many local people that I’ve been following.

Since I really love public speaking I’ve got a few tips I’m working on to share about how you can be confident when speaking in front of people! I’m looking for more opportunities to speak publicly and increase my comfort.

Speaking publicly has actually really helped me at work when I present. I often struggle with having a strong voice and I’ve noticed that I’ve begun to sound much more comfortable and confident on conference calls!


I finally tried an acai bowl

I don’t want to talk about how long I made fun of people who were “drinking a smoothie in a bowl.” I finally had one when I was in Florida on work and turns out, they aren’t smoothies and they are like crack and completely full of sugar. Seriously, like so full of sugar. But so, so good. In Wichita there’s two main places to get acai bowls, Songbird Juice Company and 86 Cold Press. I would be lying if I don’t say that I’ve had two bowls in the last two weeks.

SO YES I WILL ADMIT I WAS SO WRONG! Phew, I’m glad I got that off my chest.

I have skin tinea

Never heard of this? Neither had I. Basically it’s  super common, but most people don’t know what it is. About 8 percent of the population will deal with this at any one time. I first noticed these very faint little dots on my skin and thought it was heat rash. They didn’t go away for a few months and so I went to a dermatologist who diagnosed me.  (You can see it in the photo on the right.)

Right now I’m using Selsun Blue as a body wash as a preventative measure. I’m planning a longer blog post on the different ways I try to prevent it, but right now I’m waiting on my dermatologist to give me refill of the medication I took last time that cleared it up. But in the meantime, I spent a Friday night at Walgreens picking up anti-fungal/jock-itch cream. FUNNNNNN!

Overall it’s not a huge deal, but definitely something I get a little self-conscious about in the summer when it flares up on my back. Also that and I just told the internet I am using an old person shampoo as a body wash to help take care of this. So yeah, definitely self-conscious.

Shopping + Career Clothing

I’m trying to focus on work basics and some statement pieces for the next few months. The Nordstrom sale this week, which I’m sure you’ve seen a million posts about! I thought that I would have my eye on a lot there but I haven’t seen a ton of things that are grabbing my eyes. Of course when the sale actually arrives, that could all change.

Polka Dot Dress– I don’t know if there has ever been a more perfect dress made for me. I’ve had to accept that I am going to have to work on my more “corporate” attire and I think this is going to be a great addition I can dress up or down. Currently I am waiting for it to be 50% off or above and then I am going to snag it!

This orange lace dress –  is killlleerrrr in real life. It looks like it cost so much more than $35! I hunted this dress down across three states to finally find my size! I wore it to see U2 in Chicago and got so many compliments.

Madewell Skirt – I am a little (LOT) annoyed that this is such a great deal now. I got it for $45 but now it’s only $30! I cannot say enough good about this skirt. It’s so light and breezy! Plus, Madewell skirts tend to be my most worn items in my closet! I’ve styled it two ways for summer and I can’t wait to get it ready for fall!

This is not exactly sexy, but these shorts have saved me this summer. I wear them under EVERYTHING! They save me from rubbing and irritation. I do get a little sweatier in them sometimes, but it’s worth it. I have two pair in black and 1 pair in nude. I’ll be getting gray next. I should just buy stock in that company.

I want some really classic earrings, I’ve been debating these, but I want to know what you ladies who know your jewelry think!

Plant Life

Fiddle Leaf Fig in BasketMy fiddle leaf fig is doing great! It recently went through a little bout of root rot. Why? Because my idiot self over-watered it and the poor guy, Winsted (did I tell you I named him). While he will never get rid of those brown spots (thankfully there are only a few!) he has a lot of new leaves and is still growing. He also got a new place in the house, my bedroom has more indirect light and he’s happy!

Note: plants don’t like to be moved, so be sure that if you are going to move a plant, you only do it once. I’ve had plants die just moving one room over! They are very, very sensitive.

Also I got a little new guy! He’s in my dining room corner nook.

I haven’t named him yet, but I got a new little guy for my self-water planter. I bought the planter at IKEA and I love it, but I realized something. Most indoor plants don’t like a ton of water. A self-watering planter is kind of not ideal for most plants. For this one I’m just going to water it through a watering can and not use the self-watering part of it. Kind of a waste, but I’d rather be hassled than have a dead plant.

Oh and confession: I wrote this a few days ago and then the weekend happened. Guess what? I got another plant! I swear I will stop at 5 plants. So I’ve got room for ONE more plant.


I fired my gym(!!!!!!). It was the best, most freeing thing to end that gym membership. The only issue? I haven’t been working out. The upside? I have been eating so much better because I know I’m not working out. I haven’t been tracking calories, but rather carbs/protein/fat ratio daily and seeing how I feel. The results? I feel and perform best on day when I am doing high protein/high fat/low carb days. Of course some days are higher on carbs but as a general rule I am trying to watch that ratio.

I haven’t researched it, but I have a feeling I am doing more intuitive eating right now. I’m truly working on having a healthier food relationship. In the past, I’ve made food be a support or crutch when something happen. More often than not, I feel like I was riding a roller-coaster of good and bad eating practices. Currently I am working on making sure that I have a positive outlook on nutrition.

Oh, I’d like to try to take some free yoga classes if I can find them and see if that’s a Saturday morning activity that I would enjoy.

Quote I’m Living By

You are the only one that can limit your greatness. Remember you are enough.

So that’s about it this time! I would LOVE to know what updates you’d like since I’m going to make these be a more regular thing! Tell me alll you wanna know.