The Best Madewell Items for Curves + Fit Guide

One of my secret weapons for my work wardrobe has been Madewell! I used to avoid Madewell as I thought they were too boxy and cut for stick straight figures. Although I do think that most of their tops and jeans are more a more slim and non-curvy bodies, their dresses and skirts are my favorite to wear. About once a week I am wearing Madewell from top to bottom and I always get a ton of compliments.  I was disappointed that the Nordstrom Anniversary sale didn’t have very much from them because I feel like they never have any sales.

Oh and if you want to see just a few of my favorite Madewell posts, you can see them here, here and here! I’ve done a terrible job of documenting my purchases from them, but I promise you, I wear Madwell alllllll the time.

Favorite Work Items 

Floral Skirt – I bough it at a much higher price and now it’s SO cheap but I didn’t want it to run out of my size! I love how light it is. It’s one of the only things I want to wear during summer in Kansas.

Red Dress – Red is my power color and I try to wear it as much as possible. This dress shows how well Madewell for curves works!

Classic Tote Bag – I cannot say enough about what I’ve put my bag through. It holds laptops, has been an emergency work bag and gone through so much stuff I don’t even want to say out loud. My boyfriend surprised me with it and it still makes me smile when I look at it, it’s one of my favorite gifts I’ve gotten. Oh and definitely spring for the monogram. You can thank me later.

Jersey Knit Dress – I love this piece because it goes from the office to errands just by removing a blazer. Also, your butt is going to look incredible in it.

Bargain Buy

T-Shirt – This is Madewell for curves like nothing else. The v-neck is perfectly balance between showing your shape but not showing off your girls.


My Madewell for Curves Picks

  • Dresses  – size 10 or a large.
    The dresses tend to run true to size, but accommodate a bust. I bought a dress when I was a C-cup and now that I’m a D it fits tighter. However, it’s not pulling like many of my other clothes are. I always go for a large when it’s sized like that to allow for my butt to fit into it without any issues. I cannot say enough about their summer dresses. They always seem to be the perfect weight for summer, even humid days and maintain their shape and quality. They do tend to sell out of my size before a sale hits so I’ve had to pay full price for a few items and I haven’t regretted it.
  • T-Shirts – medium
    Unlike the button downs, they aren’t boxy and are a little bit of a more generous cut so I always get a medium for the best fit.
  • Button Downs – large, unless a more boxy cut I size down
    Their button downs and other tops do tend to get boxy and a little short. I have a shorter torso so the crop isn’t too much of an issue but I always look at the proportion of boxy + length before I  buy a top.
  • Skirts – large/10-12
    There’s only been one time that I’ve gone to a medium for a skirt at Madewell and that was about 10 pounds ago so I solidly go into the large territory here. If it’s a number sizing, I’ll get a 10-12 just to be safe.
 I hope this guide helps you! If you have any specific questions, let me know!