My Most Meaningful Content of 2017

I don’t do year-end recaps on the blog, mostly because at the end of the year I hate everything I’ve worn. Or, I don’t want to remind myself of all the stuff I bought just for the blog (except this year, that’s different, see below). This year though has been a huge growth year for me personally and on the blog.

I hope you are having a wonderful weird in-between week where we kind of work, kind of don’t! I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!

Life After College Sucks

I finally wrote the post that I wish I could have read as I graduated college.

Let’s Talk about Life After College

I Really Love Donuts

Do I really need to go into more details about how much I love sprinkle donuts? If so, here’s a whole post on it.

Let’s Talk About Donuts

Job Loss

I lost my job out of nowhere. A few of you knew of it because that’s how I ended up back in Wichita for the most part. That was not a smooth transition.

 Here’s how I dealt with my first job loss

My Thoughts on Party Hosting… and Being a Good Guest

My friend Kara actually said, “I can’t believe the guests at the party didn’t comment on your blog post.” To which I replied, well, they clearly weren’t friends enough that the read my blog. Sooooooo, yeah. Things are going just finnneeee.

How to Throw a Fall Party and Not Be A Terrible Guest

Love Where You’re From (And At)

I’m still in Kansas. I didn’t think I would be. I fought it for a long time. Now I’ve finally made peace with it and made my well-intended five-year plan.

Why Kansas is Right For Me (Right Now)


I am not going to stop talking about how good it is for me to take an Alissa-cation. It’s the one vacation that I truly take all year and it refuels me so much!

Why I Take an Alissa-Cation

How Social Media Helped Me

This year I learned just how good social media (aka you all) actually has helped me with my mental health. Who didn’t struggle with that in 2017? This year was cray.

How Instagram Helped Me With Anxiety