My College Weight Loss Struggle {Part 2}

Last week I laid it all out for you. I want to say again that I understand. I have been that girl who works out and doesn’t lose a damn pound. I have been the girl who kept diaries of calories, exercise and didn’t lose. I was never super thin. I wasn’t one of those people who wore a size 2 or 4. I am a real life person. This is my struggle and I hope this encourages you. 

I decided I needed to lose weight this semester. Except that really I knew that ever since coming to college I needed to lose weight. It just got pushed to the back burner because I was overwhelmed and felt guilty saying no to some things and making time for myself. Once I decided I needed to lose weight I just kind of stalled. 

How? Do I join a gym? What do I do? 

I did something I never had done before. I went to the gym twice a day. I was eating super healthy  I didn’t lose a single pound. I was weighing myself 3 times a day. I was frustrated, confused and was being consumed with anxiety. I went through nearly two weeks of this and I was plunging into a bit of a depressive mode. Then I realized several things: 

First, I started realizing that I wasn’t working HARD enough, or smart enough. I was in the gym but I wasn’t dripping in sweat. 

I was eating healthy but it was all carbs. 

I wasn’t fueling my body AFTER I worked out. 

These three things were stopping me from making any progress. So what did I do? I stated the paleo diet and doing HIT cardio. Did it work? Well………………………….. YES! I  know it can seem like  a trend to go paleo but it was honestly amazing.I drank at least 30-50 ounces of diet pop a day before. I know, that is shocking. When I went paleo I just went cold turkey. Nothing. I drink over 100 ounces of water a day now. I stay away from all butters, dairy or of the nut kind and have learned that my weakness is sugar. I don’t have an “off” button when it comes to sugar. I have to completely eliminate it for the time being. 

Although it can seem like a lot of work, it isn’t. On Sundays I do meal prep and have a general idea of what I can bring in my backpack/what I can get at school if I forget lunch. This IS possible, paleo isn’t some crazy diet that makes you have a specific item. It’s about teaching you to eat REAL food. 

The HIT cardio is a killer. I still hate those intervals. However  they are amazing. I will share with you my favorite cardio workout next week!

I hope this is encouraging you if you are struggling like I am. You are gorgeous, you are strong and you are an amazing person. Don’t you ever think otherwise.