My first real curly hair confession/rant

So here’s the deal. I woke up Monday morning praying that I made it through the day without crying and without falling up the concrete stairs in front of 5,000 students.

I went to my email and received an email that I am pretty sure the entire apartment complex heard me yell about. This is what is said, “CONGRATULATIONS!” “You are now a subscriber of American Baby magazine where you will find many resources…..” blah blah. What the frick?! I then immediately got on my phone and called Meredith Magazine company. By the time I waited on the phone to talk to someone I had rehearsed EXACTLY how I was going to give the sales rep a dressing down and a bit of advice of how marketing departments shouldn’t send emails like this to young college girls who have just had their period and know there is NO way I am pregnant but it plants the seed of doubt in their mind.
Naturally my bite is worse than my bark and I put myself into the position of the poor soul who had to answer my call. I calmly explained my rage and said this “I do NOT want an American Baby, I never want to have American Baby and I despise American Baby.”
At about this time Andrew had walked in and heard me gently, but firmly expressing my hate of American Baby. The man was convinced I wanted to kill actual American Baby. He was not aware of the situation and let’s just say, the look on his face was of horror.

I hung up and went on my way.
That brings us to today. Thursday, April 19, 2012.
“CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PREGNANCY! We are confident that with our tools you will become a great parent …..” etc. OK THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW!
Apparently when you subscribe to certain magazine they sell your information. I am aware of this but it wasn’t an issue till now. SO BE WARNED! If you are in your 20’s and subscribe to Real Simple, you will get massive amounts of emails about pregnancies and baby magazines.
There is no moral of the story here, I am just pissed and outraged. So there, I hope you join in my outrage.