My photographer is a perv and this proves it + why I love J Crew Factory

Ha! Suddenly this blog post is super interesting isn’t it? Just kidding, my photographer is my boyfriend and although he doesn’t really like taking photos (I’m the one that photographs normally) he has been 100% there for me with taking photos. Annnndddd sometimes he has a little fun with it, such as you know, taking photos of me in the most unflattering way possible. I love him dearly but I have entire folder full of outtakes that are probably going to come back to haunt me.

      Top: Francesca’s Collections/ Tank: J Crew Factory / Shorts: J Crew Factory/ All jewelry: J Crew Factory

 I seriously love J Crew Factory- even on a college budget when they have sales I can normally snag something that is within my budget! Girls I know that J Crew is super pricey for us but if you are patient and watch J Crew Factory, you will be amazed what you can find. The tank top was $8 and the shorts on sale were only $25! 
Anyway, this is the outfit I wore last Friday. I am a HUGE believe that “Dress well….test well” is important for any girl in college to know. I have studied late nights and showed up to tests in a KU shirt and basketball shorts, but when I study late and take that extra 5 minutes to get dressed, I feel so much more confident. Were any of you like this back in college?