No Shopping in February Challenge

No Shopping Challenge
My closet, currently filled to the brim.

There are several reasons why I want to do this. This first is that February is the shortest month of the year and I feel like I can make it 28 days. Second, I don’t freaking have time to shop and I keep doing it, school comes first! Third, I really, really need to save money for my college tuition this summer

I have clothes that I don’t wear and it’s ridiculous that I keep buying things when I don’t even wear everything I own. I am going to try and break out of this problem by pulling those items and wearing them. Why do I need another sweater when I have 3 that I never wear? 

1. Wear clothes that I never wear and have just been sitting in my closet. These clothes in particular i need to wear. Shop my own closet. 
2. Stop wasting time and concentrate on homework. 
3. Realize how much I think about shopping and learn to stop. 
4. Find a non shopping challenge buddy for support……whose in? 

So…whose in? I know this isn’t for everyone but I would love for those of us who are going to try to be able to emailing and give support!