Oh Hey! I Got Job!

One of the positive changes that happened in the past month was that I landed a job. Yep. That’s right. After months of tears, eating tear-flavored Chipotle because I was sobbing so hard about job rejection…. I have a job. I take that back, I have a pretty great job that I absolutely love and still understand little about. Yes, I said that. I can say that because I went into my marketing job with the understanding that I know nothing about supply chain management but I know that it basically is how my shoes go from point A (any online store) to point B (my feet) and such. I started on September 8th. Since that date I have managed to trip over carpet, forget my office phone number as I am giving it out and shipped a package to my boss at the wrong hotel but hey! I got a job. 

 Dress: Topshop (similar) (similar in floral)
Shoe: Target (exact)
Necklace: C/O Hello Cheeseburger 

Really though, how much more do you need to know? If you’re in the KC metro area and your package arrives on time, you can totally thank me. You cannot complain to me because I don’t have that much control over it at all and all I do is market.