One Month Career Confessions

I’ve now had a career for a month. A month. In that time, I have learned more about what I do but you guy aren’t here for that. You are here for the classic Alissa moments that we all knew would take place. 

During the second week of work I got an email from my boss on Saturday about needing to talk to me first thing Monday. No problem. I arrive at work early and call him while he’s at a conference out of town. My command was simple: buy a Sporting KC jersey and ship it to him in the hotel. “You can find my address in my calendar.”  No problem. I look on the calendar and can only find one address. I assume that naturally has to be the right address and go off. Now, apparently, over the weekend every sports store in the Metro sold out of XL Sporting KC jerseys. My phone was dying. I didn’t have a charger. Life might as well have been ending because I didn’t have gps. Did I call to confirm the address? No because stupid my iPhone’s has awful battery life. 
I finally found a jersey. I thought about how jerseys could be improved. I then took the important jersey to Fedex overnight it. So at this point, I have basically spent $200 on the delivery of a basic jersey. I’m all proud of myself for managing the office by myself and officially delivering such an important package. 

The next morning I track my package. Drink a Vanilla Coke Zero. Mentally put my feet up on the desk because I am killing it. Then I get a text from my boss. “Check when the package is supposed to arrive.” I check. It’s out for delivery. Surely it will be there soon I thought. An hour later, 15 phone calls and some praying I realize that I selected “view work week” in Outlook instead of “view week” and sent it to the wrong hotel. Yes, I did that. Classic Alissa. 

Striped Shirt: H&M (exact for $20
Peplum Tank: Target (similar for $11)
Pants: DKNY (very similar)
Shoes: Target (exact and on sale)
Necklaces: C/O Onecklace and Forever 21
Earrings: J. Crew Factory (similar)

Second confession: In an effort to make small talk with my boss at 7:30 am I decided to ask if he went to the Royals game. He leaned back to look at me through my door. “Uh… you mean the game that was in California last night?” Yes, yes. I definitely meant that game but instead I just turned red, he laughed and I realized I can never make small talk about sports in the office again.