How I Manage My Curls

These are the products I use when I wash or need to moisturize my hair. One thing that is VITAL to curly hair is to NOT over-wash your hair! Seriously, curls need a break from all the washing, the most you should wash your hair more than TWO times a week. I know that sounds nasty but when you rinse your hair in the morning like I do, it really isn't gross. (Note: I recommend this trial kit before you purchase all items.)
I use these products on a daily basis, they are cheap, don't build up and after spending hundreds of dollars on hair products for the past 18 years they are the best!! 

Important notes: 
I wash my hair ONCE a week. Nothing more, nothing less. Curly hair tends to be somewhat dry and although mine isn't, it needs the oil to be built up a tiny bit. 

After I wash my hair I leave in the Bumble and Bumble Conditioner and rinse it almost out. I leave a tiny bit in. This helps keep them nice and springy

DO NOT BE AFRAID OF PRODUCT! I see all these magazines with guides for how much product to use, BULL! Anyone with curly hair knows sometimes you just have to pile it on to combat the humidity. 

It is SUPER IMPORTANT THAT YOU ALWAYS HAVE A DIFFUSER! I cannot live without mine. I don't go on trips without it or anything. I put it on "warm" and "low" and diffuse sections without touching my curls for about 5 -8 minutes. This helps manage the shape of the curl and also is a good way of gauging how much product you need. (See my favorite blow dryer here)

The less you touch your hair, the better. I hate it when people touch my curls without asking, it's like they are petting my hair or something! 
How I Style My Hair Everyday

Ultimate Curly Hair Guide on this blog!

Step by step:
Rinse hair every morning, rinse I said, not wash.

Shake your head like a dog so that your hair doesn't stick to you.

Clean out the 45 hairs out of the shower I lost during simply rinsing. 

Mousse your hair up, spray the gel, gently squeeze hair. 

Then start diffusing with it on "Low" and "Warm" for about 5-8 minutes. Move it around and if you are in a hurry go ahead and put it on "High" but NOT "Hot" and make sure you do it with your head tilted to the side to create volume.

Let it air dry for about 5 minutes. Asses the product situation. At this point I normally put on my mascara and then finish diffusing the hair. 

It literally takes me about 12-18 minutes to do my hair every morning. When I am in a hurry I can do it in as little as 5-8 minutes. 

Let me know if you need any more help or need to know anything else! I love helping people manage their curls! All hope is not lost and you CAN manage them!

Here's an example of how I wash my hair just ONCE and then style it for a week! 

Here are examples of my hair at different lengths and styles: 

Naturally Curly hair

Naturally Curly hair

Naturally Curly hair

Naturally Curly hair

Naturally Curly hair

Naturally Curly hair

Naturally Curly hair

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