Meet Alissa

Thank you so much for stopping by The Adored Life. Currently I am a senior at The University of Kansas, studying strategic communications, and live in the Kansas City metro. Here you can find my thoughts on life, outfits, honesty about life and my quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie. 

I write about what I am passionate about. I believe in being honest and transparent about my life to my readers. This can take form in talking about the incredible feelings of emptiness of being a senior graduating college and just not having a clue what to do to the silliness of driving off without the bottle of water I paid for. 

The Adored Life has been featured in Redbook magazine, helped start the Kansas City Blogger Brunch, featured on numerous hair care websites and collaborated with national brands. 

                                      What do you do outside of studying?
 On most Friday nights you can find me either cuddled up with my boyfriend, baking, exploring my town, exercising and in bed by 10 p.m. I get really, really wild and crazy. I have no idea how college students have the energy to stay up partying till 2 a.m. In reality, I am a college student balancing working and going to school full-time. Really, I’m not that exciting, sorry to disappoint.

          My hobbies are: volunteering with Special Olympics, thrifting, reading, exercising, baking, trying to cook the perfect steal, creating the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, photography, trying to not hurt myself (this is a full-time job) and blogging.

                                              Why “The Adored Life”?
          One of my friends and I were discussing my life after several major changes had taken place. She said, “Don’t you just adore life sometimes?” and I realized that was the perfect name. Although life may not all be sunshine and roses but I adore it. I never would have dreamed my life would have turned out the way it has but I also can’t imagine being happier. That is why I adore life. 
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