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Hi There! 
Thanks for stopping by! I believe in being honest and transparent about my life to my readers. This can take form in talking about the incredible feelings of emptiness of being a senior graduating college and just not having a clue what to do to the silliness of driving off without the bottle of water I paid for. On a Friday night you can probably find me watching The Office for the millionth time and thinking that sleeping in on a Saturday is sleeping until 7:45 am. 

I have a degree in Journalism with and emphasis in Strategic Communications. I chose this major as it allowed me to combine my background in photography with my love for writing and strategic thinking. 

The Adored Life Curly Hair
I love having curly hair. 
My curly hair is the most commonly asked question which is why I created an entire page for my curly haircare.  It took several years of figuring out what worked for my curls down to the amount of times I wash it, how I get it cut and my daily care and styling. 

I absolutely love helping out people with their curly hair questions. Send me an email and let's talk! 

I've always been a Kansas girl at heart.
I was born and raised in Wichita Kansas. I attended the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!) and then lived in Kansas city. Currently I am back in my hometown of Wichita and finding out how to make my childhood home new and exciting. 

Although I always thought I would move out of the Midwest and relocate to the East Coast, but Kansas'
charms has kept me here, as well as the fact that my 
family lives here. 

The Adored Life Wichita Blog

I've got a sweet tooth but.... 
I don't think I've ever said no to a donut, a chocolate chip cookie recipe that I haven't tried (still perfecting this and might just be my life mission), a chance to bake something for a party or sour gummy worms. Yes, I know the merits of all brands of sour gummy worms and doughnuts. 

I prefer sweet over savory, but don't let that stop you from thinking I'd take a piece of dessert over fries or pizza. Fries before guys, ladies. 

The Adored Life Wichita Blog

I really love shoes and polka dots.
If you've spent any amount of time on my blog you've probably figured out that I rock a lot of polka dots and love shoes. 

Like, I really like shoes. I get it from my mom and three sisters. They are definitely my greatest enablers. Except for my other friends that really love shoes. Okay, I'm surrounded by shoe lovers. 

As far as polka dots? Have you ever had a bad day 
when wearing polka dots? That's what I thought. 

I spend my time working with local businesses.
I grew up in a home full of savvy businesswomen who all own their own flourishing businesses. At the age of 17 I was running my own photography business before attending college. 

The entrepreneurial spirit has never left me and I've been incredibly lucky to work with amazing Wichita and Kansas City businesses on their marketing and social media. 

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