Over the weekend I decided that spring is here. Yep. There may still be some snow on the ground from last weeks storm but I’ve decided to start dressing like it’s spring to cure the blues that seem to be hanging around from February. So to combat my blue feels I decided to put together an outfit that I normally wouldn’t wear. All pastels, all the way. The result? I frigging love it. 

spring pastel outfit

spring pastel outfit

pink pastel and baby blue for spring

Naturally curly hair

pink and blue statement necklace

Pants: Zara (similar and $20!
Top: Macy’s (exact)
Shoes: BCBG (similar)
Clutch: Tommy Hilfiger (similar)
Necklace: XXI Forever (exact)

And guess what? We now have a beautiful week of above-freezing temps that will usher in spring break for me. I’m not saying that this outfit was magical or anything…but I mean, it was freezing the day before I wore it. You’re welcome Kansas!