Patience is a Virtue. I don’t have it.

I don’t have patience. If the boyfriend doesn’t IMMEDIATELY start fast forwarding through commercials I get all crabby and fussy like a 2 year old. 
I can’t handle having to wait in line at Chipotle longer than 5 minutes. 

If someone dares to walk not as fast as my super fast walking speed, I mentally honk at them and chew them out in my head. Never in real life.

I honk if you have a 2 second delay from when the light turns green and when you start accelerating. 

I get annoyed when it takes longer than 2 seconds for my iPhone to complete a task. 

The clutch that I am carrying was shipped to me on Friday and arrived the next day. I still managed to become impatient because I just wanted that freaking cute clutch instantly.
You get the idea. I am a nice person. I am not a patient person. 

Shirt: Anne Taylor (thrifted)/ Jeans: Gap (Last year)/ Shoes: Prabal Gurung for Target/ Trench Coat: Target/ Clutch: Gracie B

However, when it comes to Target clearance I have the patience of an angel. Or whatever has a lot of patience. Why? When the Prabal Gurung for Target line came out I knew I couldn’t afford it. I kept waiting and waiting for everything to go on clearance. Waiting. Then last Friday I found them. These wonderful red wedges. FOR ONLY $9.98! Yes, under $10. I did a victory dance right then and there. $10 is a magical price. 

So take that Target. You may have taken 2 months and I may have had to check clearance every Friday but dang it, I freaking got those shoes. Now if only J. Crew had those kinds of clearance sales. 

Quick note, I will be doing a whole blog post on how much I love this clutch. Seriously. My favorite item I have purchased this spring.