Poppin’ Champagne In The Fast Lane

Seersucker Sweetheart DressSeersucker Sweetheart Dress

     Dress: Gracie B {Purchase: Here}/ Clutch: Artsy Anthro for Gracie B {Purchase: Here}/ Necklace: Gift

Seersucker Sweetheart Dress
Gracie B Atsy Anthro Clutch

There is something about a gigantic bow that makes me sing “Glamorous” by Fergie and pretend that I can drop it down low. You can only imagine the dropping and popping I did when I tried on this super awesome seersucker dress from Gracie B. (Hint: I went through my apartment singing “We flying first class up in the sky, poppin’ champagne, Livin’ the fast lane,” while dancing) It was really hard to not keep pretending I was Fergie the entire day I was wearing it. IT HAS A GIGANTIC BOW! How can you not sing “FLOUNCY FLOUNCY” ?! 

Anyway, I have been obsessively been stalking the progress of when it was going to be in store. Grace, the kind owner of the boutique, offered to actually bring me the dress in person. As in, I got to try it on in the comfort of my own home. How awesome is that? I’ve worn it 3 times already and cannot wait to wear it again!  

Note: my boyfriend didn’t seem to appreciate my dancing. I don’t know why. Clearly I have the best coordination and dance skills ever. Maybe I just need to dance some more and make him see the beauty in it.