Posing in Sunglasses

Outfit details to come later

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Firmoo eye-wear company to do a review. I went online and picked out my pair of glasses, I have serious issue with sunglasses so I was apprehensive. I have issues with nice glasses, you know how you look at your child and say, “you are the reason we can’t have nice things,” THAT IS MY LIFE. I swear I cannot find a pair of glasses that I don’t break within a week or lose. Ladies (and my boyfriend who is probably the only male reader) these kind of completely rock. Legitimately, these glasses look so expensive and seriously they feel like they cost way more than they really do. I got so many compliments from my classmates about them. Firmoo sent me this free pair and asked for an honest review, you know that I speak my mind, these are worth it. Plus the first pair of glasses you get are free! 

I will post the outfit details later, this outfit was so fun to wear on campus!