Remix Week One + A Thank You

Framed Frosting SIX Piece Remix

This is the first Wednesday I am linking up with Danielle for the Six Piece Remix.  I managed to wear three of my six pieces I chose for the remix all in one outfit! I may actually be patting myself on the back for that. Let me tell you something, until you have had a sequin top gather at your crouch you haven’t lived. I sat down and was like “OMG, I have a sequin gathering crotch!” Only slightly awkward to try and move around inconspicuously in a classroom chair adjusting a shirt. Only slightly though. 

I swear during every photo session we have I always end up making this exact same face at some point. That and one where I am completely annoyed and rolling my eyes. 

     Skirt: Target/Sequin Tank: T.J. Maxx/Top: Zara/ Tights: American Eagle/Shoes: Cole Haan 

I really struggled with wearing tights this late into March! It’s almost April and we are still in freezing temperatures! I wanted to go bare-legged but that just wasn’t about to happen. It just feels so wrong having to layer so much when it should be spring! Enough about the weather, I know the majority of you all are dealing with this also. 

I wanted to thank you all for the super encouraging words you wrote me on Monday about graduating a semester later than I planned. You all have no idea how much it meant to me, I feel so much more confident that there is going to be something good that comes of it. Yes, I am still bummed but overall I feel good. That is mainly because of you. Thank you SO very much; I am incredibly lucky to have such a supportive blogging community.