Remix Week Two + Lazy Hair

       Top:T.J.Maxx/Pants: Merona (Target/Shoes: Target/ Scarf: Vintage via Salvation Army
Target Glitter Sandals

This is week two of the six piece remix that Danielle is having!
Framed Frosting SIX Piece Remix

There was once a time I refused to wear white pants. Why? I am a paranoid person. I believe that even if I have just had a visit from mother nature the week before, somehow, just somehow when I am wearing white I will manage to have another visit. Or, with my luck, I will sit in red juice all and walk around with a red butt. I have my other paranoias with white pants but you get the idea. Right now I am completely obsessed with these white pants and so far *fingers crossed* have managed to keep them clean and pristine! 

You may notice that I am wearing a vintage scarf on in these photos. Why? Because I am incredibly lazy with my hair. I have a lot of upkeep on these curls and quite frankly I sometimes I just don’t want to deal with it. On days like that I normally either wrap a scarf around my head and put the rest in a ponytail or I do this. (Find my person Pinterest page here ) I feel like this summer I am going to go to this easy tutorial for a super quick and cool hair wrap. 

P.S. There is actually some green on that grass in the photos! Spring may be headed here after all!