Rolling With The Punches

These past two weeks have been a little trying, to put it kindly. Nothing bad has happened but nothing has gone smoothly. Standing meeting times suddenly wouldn’t work for people, I missed my best friend on campus by 5 minutes everyday, simple things took 3 times longer than necessary, women have been catty for no reason, and in general I haven’t been feeling it. I get really upset when I have a set agenda and that doesn’t get accomplished due to someone else’s lack of planning. To be honest, I felt a little down about life. I keep on telling myself that I’m doing fine, everything is going to workout in the end and all that jazz but I am a type-a person and with that comes anxiety and general over-thinking. I KNOW, I KNOW thing really will come together and I will laugh at myself for being worried but I am not there yet.

Green pants with striped outfit
Spring Casual Outfit

Spring Casual Outfit

Spring Casual Outfit

Layered Statement Necklace
Top: Gap (similar)
Pants: Gap (exact)
Necklaces: Forever 21 and JCPenny 
Shoes: C/O Aeropostale (exact in black) (exact in pattern)

 I really am trying to just take it one day at a time and certain days that works better than others. On those days where I am taking it one day at a time I love life and am not as stressed. I’m trying to remember that great feeling. I’m attempting to roll with the punches and not get so bent-out-of-shape when things don’t go according to my planner.