Ruined Plans

There’s a story behind these photos. I came home one day and changed into my date night clothes. Andrew was in the other room playing a video game and didn’t say that much when he saw me. Normally he drops everything and runs to me and asks me about my day, etc., but not this day. So I was annoyed because I hadn’t seen him all day and I totally love it when he drops everything and just complete does his obnoxious hugging and such. 
So I decided to show that I was annoyed. I decided to take off the nice clothes for our date and just put on basketball shorts and shirt. He came in, hugged me and asked me about my day. I said nothing. He asked about outfit photos. I said I didn’t want to do them.
“Babe. What’s wrong? You always want to do photos.” 
“I’m FINE!”
“Perfectly fine?” 
“Babe, what did I do?”
I sighed. 
“I’m mad because you didn’t freak out and do your adorable drooling all over me. You freaking ruined my plans to be all pissy with you when you came in here and were nice. I freaking was planning on being mad at you all night and being even more made while you watched the Spurs game.” 
“So now you’re mad at me for ruining your plan of being mad at me all night?”
“Yes Andrew. How hard it is for you to understand!?” 

Pants: Target 
Shirt: Zara 
Shoes: Zara 
Purse: Natasha 
So we ended up taking photos and going to dinner and having a perfectly normal night. The entire night though he kept on bringing up how angry I was that I couldn’t be angry because he came in all nice and I couldn’t keep it up. Whatever Andrew. Thanks for ruining my plans to be angry. I love you.