Rules For The Closet

It’s the end of July. This simple statement can mean many things to people, but to college students, it means moving out. It means that you suddenly realize how heavy your seemingly light couch is. You realize how many pots and pans you somehow ended up storing in your tiny kitchen. You also realize that you have entirely too many cups from local bars, random beads from places you don’t even remember going to and have to clean out what you haven’t worn in a while.

Pink Polka Dot Dress with Straw Hat

Dress: C/O Plato’s Closet
Hat: Target
Shoes: C/O Plato’s Closet 

Pink Polka Dot Dress with Straw Hat

Pink Polka Dot Dress with Straw Hat

Pink Polka Dot Dress with Straw HatPink Polka Dot Dress with Straw Hat

While I can’t help you decide what pots and pans to keep, I can help you sort through the mounds of free t-shirts and clothes you haven’t worn in a year. As well as those clothes you hang on to just because you know someday you will have a place to wear them. 

I have a rule I abide by which my mother taught me about cleaning out my closet. It’s simple: If you haven’t worn the item in 6 months, get rid of it. At first I thought 6 months wasn’t long enough to base your decision on. Then I learned why it was perfect, it’s just enough to get you through two seasons and if you haven’t found a chance to wear it in either season, get rid of it. 

Those free t-shirts you have? Get rid of all but 6. Those 6 shirts are enough to get you through finals week without having to worry about doing laundry. Colleges entice people like me by free shirts, you can always get another one again. Don’t have a stack of 30 shirts just hanging around, you’ll regret it when you have to take 2 boxes up and down stairs this month. 

The items of clothing that you like, are in good condition, and are still trendy? Sell them! I always sell my clothes to Plato’s Closet here in Lawrence. I always bring in a laundry basket full of clothes to sell and I can easily drop them off while moving and return to get my money later. 

Finally, those clothes that *ahem* are kind of like, wayyyy old? Goodwill. I donate clothing that is slightly older but in good condition. 

This time of the year is very stressful but you can make your life easier by these rules. Whether you trash, sell or donate, you will feel great that you have a handle on your closet and will have a smoother move!