Running on Happiness

The past few weeks have been really great. Despite the hot temperatures I have done a ton of socializing and hanging out with friends. (This goes along with my new love of randomly getting ice cream at midnight. The scale is not a fan of this) Andrew and I this past Monday visited a water park, only my second time ever going! Then he surprised me with dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants AND Monsters U. I feel like right now I am completely running on happiness. I have incredibly great coworkers and a job that I love, I am finishing my dreaded summer school classes next week, and have eaten a ton of ice cream. What more could be better? Nothing. Just more ice cream. 

Green Olive Vest with Destructed Shorts

Green Olive Vest with Destructed ShortsGreen Olive Vest with Destructed Shorts
Jacket: Target (Current)
Shorts: Lawrence Goodwill
Shoes: Dillard’s (Old)
Top: Forever 21 Essentials( Current)

Green Olive Vest with Destructed Shorts

Sometimes when I blog I talk about a lot of frustrations and school irritations so I wanted to take this time to let you guys know that I am happy. School will be starting soon and I am sure that I will have random venting and annoyances, but until that time, I am happy. Especially happy that my TA will no longer be grading me irrationally and unable to formulate a sentence while correctly mine. Really it’s amusing to see him give me bad grades while spelling “grades” wrong. I mean, really. 

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