Smiles All Around

I’m smiling here because a) I like to smile b) I think it’s pretty great to smile c) I’m almost on spring break. Yes, I have made it to spring break. I have NO idea how the spring semester has flown by so fast. Normally I hate the spring break because there are no days off for about two months. However, this semester has gone by in a blink.

I am super happy to say that I have actually gotten better grades this semester than I have in all of my previous semesters. It’s a little odd to me that I am getting better grades even in classes that I have previously struggled in, during my last semester of college. I am however, definitely not complaining. My teachers are pretty great and things are clicking so far! Watch this all completely fall apart after break but right now I am just thrilled with the semester. 

Pants: Joe Fresh (exact)
White Shirt: Target
Denim Jacket: Plato’s Closet (similar)
Shoes: Dolce Vita (similar)
Necklace: XXI Forever (similar)
Bag: XXI Forever (similar)

I totally thought that I would have a job at this point and I would be knocking the socks off everyone. I would have employers knocking on my door. That is a gross exaggeration of what I was thinking but you get the idea. That has not happened. I’m still job searching and have no idea what I am doing after graduation. However, I have a wonderful job till August, which I will cry when I have to leave, at KU and if I don’t have a full-time job this summer I will continue to work there. I love, love my boss there and he has become a bit of a life-coach, mentor, adviser, etc. during my time at that job. I can’t imagine ever meeting a better human than he is. So, even though MY plans aren’t exactly working out, I feel like something great is going to come along. So, on that note, I’m off to celebrate allllmmmooosssttt being on spring break. (And definitely not thinking about graduation or finding a job. Nope.)