Sorry Grandma

My Grandmother and Mother were quite stylish and often we shopped together when I was a child. We would all go to Dillard’s and go to our prospective departments, except for me until I was 13 because my mom was paranoid about me being kidnapped. The end of season sales were prime shopping time for all of us. I remember going to what I called the “old ladies” section of Dillard’s to see my grandma and listen to them talk about saggy boob issues. Then I would go to my mom who wasn’t as fun because well, grandmas are just more fun when you are a kid. Anyway, I always remember they talked about how one could not wear white after labor day. That rule was hardcore around my house growing up.
White pants for Fall

White pants for Fall

White pants for Fall
Top: H&M
Vest: Target
Pants: Target
Boots: Hand Me Down
Belt: Gap

My grandmother passed away a few years ago but my mother is still rocking her awesome style. This year when I was seeing everyone pin white pants for fall I started getting super nostalgic about the fashion rules my grandmother used to talk about. Thankfully my mom is no longer a huge stickler for no white after labor day, but I can’t help but feel like my grandmother would not be pleased if she was alive. There were just some fashion rules that were sacred to a proper woman like her and white after labor day is one of those rules. Sorry Grandma.