Spring Closet Updates

I can’t help it. Spring stuff is slowly coming into stores and totally taunting me while I’m kind of on a spending freeze until March. Since I’ve been playing in my closet so much and trying to come up with new combinations I’ve made a list of small things that I want for spring to liven up the wardrobe. I’ve decide I’m going to really try and stick to a few items to update my wardrobe. 

The first item I want is a pair of polka dot sneakers and or loafers. I wasn’t a fan of converse or anything like that before but when you put polka dots on them I am so there.

The second item I really want is a floral scarf. I found all of these for under $20 and I think I can justify buying two at that price! 

Forever 21 Scarves & Wraps · Merona Scarves & Wraps · Dorothy Perkins Scarves & Wraps

The third item I want is a good polka dot dress. I’ve got several garden parties coming up and I just think a polka dot dress with some type of ridiculous hat sounds awesome. Maybe I will even go British and wear a fascinator! 

Fourthly I’ve decided that I need something other than a scarf, that is floral. Whether it comes to me in shirt, swimsuit, hat or skirt I don’t care. I just need some type of floral something to brighten up my closet. 

H&M Skirts · Arden B Skirts · J.Crew Skirts

I’m sure that I will want a few more things but right now these are the items that I know I need to get before I do any other shopping. What item(s) are on your spring wishlist? Any particular trend you are excited about?