Spring Skin

Get ready to get all up-close-and-personal with my face in this post. Why? Because I’m talking about skincare in this post. It’s hit me since I turned 22 that I’m not getting any younger; I need to start applying good products to my skin and start actually removing my mascara at night. Adulthood. Anyways, a reader named Lindsey emailed me last month to ask if I would be interested in reviewing the new Rodan+ Field skincare line. I had never heard of the line before but it’s from the creators of Proactive so I figured a) it was good b) I should try it. So I did.

{Before the kit}


I realized several things A) I have really big eyes which can translate as crazy eyes when looking at a camera lens too much. B) This skincare line is legit. I had classmates ask me what I did differently to my skin after using the products. Since I have sensitive skin I was a little concerned about how it would affect my skin but nothing! Nothing but softness and moisture happened on my delicate skin. 

I have issues with my lips being super dry in the winter and no matter how much Carmex, Blistex or anything else I apply, they are dry in 2 hours. I paid super close attention to the lip serum and I am happy to say that my lips were moist for the entire day! 

So thank you Lindsey for letting me try the line! If you want to try it, you can reach Lindsey here. Oh and if you become a preferred customer you get free shipping and 10% off your order.