Summer White

Dress: Forever XXI (Current)/ Vest: American Eagle (Plato’s Closet in Lawrence)/ Shoes: Guess/ Necklace: JC Penny/ Purse: ASOS

I bet you thought I was talking about my skin when I said summer white, didn’t you? Don’t worry, I can take the pale jokes, I’ve had them all of my life. As much as they say that “Pale is the new tan” when talking about preventing skin cancer, let’s be real, no one believes that. No matter how much you talk about how you are just trying to make sure you don’t get skin cancer, people will still think tan is better. 

Sigh. Whatever. Don’t mind me and my SPF 100 under a wide-brimmed hat in the shade. I’ll just look stupid and protect my skin while you all go and burn it. Totally pretending I’m not secretly jealous you can get darker.