Swimsuit showdown of 2012 (yes, I know it’s late in the game)

So here’s the deal ladies. I grew up in an INCREDIBLY conservative household. So much so that we weren’t allowed to go to public pools because guys and girls couldn’t swim together. As you can imagine, anything resembling a two-piece swimsuit was NOT an option. My parents still don’t even know I have them now and I am 21!! Anyway, I can’t decide what swimsuit to get and I need your help! I am bound and determined that in 2012 I am going to wear a freaking bikini and people are just going to have to deal with it. 

I will admit, how many of you are afraid that you are “that” girl who everyone knows and thinks she shouldn’t be in a bikini but they wear one anyway? Yeah, I am afraid of being that girl, even though everyone tells me that I’m not and I know deep down I’m not but still……
So which swimsuit would you choose?