Target Beauty Summer Bag + Photos from my weekend

Yeah yeah, I know I kind of dissed Target before when I was posting about their sucky selection lately. Well, I kind of forgot that I signed up to get their summer beauty bag and today it turned up in the mail. Nice timing there Target. So I will admit that since I don’t have colored hair or split ends I am not going to get very much use out of it but coupons?! Heck yes! Also since my skin color is really probably considered to be translucent (no, I am considered that), that SPF 70 stuff they sent out is going to be used. 

I don’t really need some of these things so I am taking these to a few less fortunate girls I know that could use them more than I can. I love it when I can share the happiness of getting things like this!

What all did you guys get and how are you going to use it? I love the bag mine came in and I know I will for sure be using that in the future! I thought it was a nice touch from Target to send these out with coupons, it also made me more aware of what they sell.

This weekend I had to travel and visit some people but I managed to get in some pool time and a pedicure! It’s amazing how much I enjoy simple things like pedicures when I don’t have to pay for one! Then I had a lovely time baking cookies and making a mess (which was completely worth it, peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies are always worth it)