That Disgustingly Adorable Couple

Pink Top with Olive Pants OutfitPink Top with Olive Pants Outfit

Brown Summer Sandals
          Top: Target (Merona, this season)/ Pants: Maker Jeans (Last season) /Shoes: Target (old)/ Belt: Target (Winter purchase)

Friday evening is the boyfriend and I’s date night. It’s where we completely decompress from our hectic week. Sometimes we talk a lot, sometimes we are too tired to talk. Sometimes we are that disgusting couple that just looks at each other and giggles. Sometimes all we do is just hold hands across the table and laugh at the stupid things I say. No matter what we do or don’t do, he always reaches across the table, holds my hand and kisses it. Guaranteed  every time we go out. Even after 3 years it hasn’t gotten old. Love you babe.

To those in the restaurant around us, sorry. I know the sweetness is vomit-inducing (I was told this by one of my friends who saw us eating in a restaurant.) and completely ruins your meal. Most people think we are newly dating because when we can we sit on the same side of the both. When we can’t squeeze into the same side, the boyfriend is visibly sad. It’s just who we are. I love it. 

Female counterpart of disgustingly adorable couple. 
Aka, Alissa