That time it rained and snowed in one day

Kansas hates me. I don’t know what I have done to make it so mad but the more I want spring the more we have winter. For example, during spring break it rained, snowed, was 59 degrees and then was 31 degrees all in one day. I was extremely confused, should I wear boots? Snowboots? Rainboots? I chose open-toed shoes instead. Totally logical. It was snowing all morning and afternoon then turned into rain. Then it was sunny and everything looked dry. Totally not confusing. 

                                 Shoes: Gift/Top: Converse/Pants:Maker/Earrings

Seriously. SPRING BREAK AND IT SNOWED ALL FREAKING WEEK! What the heck? What have I done? I seriously should have just left Kansas and gone somewhere for spring break, silly me to be practical and work and have quality time with the boyfriend. I was NOT a happy camper. 

I would never be a happy camper actually. I should never use that phrase, my personal form of hell would be having to camp. I suppose snow is better than having to camp. Ish. I’m searching for any reason to think that snow is good other than at Christmas. I don’t think there is one. Snow is for Christmas. The end. I have lost it.