That’s So Alissa {part 2}

You guys really loved reading my embarrassing and ridiculous stories last time I posted them. So I thought that I would continue to embarrass myself on the internet with even more stories about my stupidity. 

First up, the snow incident. Over Valentine’s Day my coworker and I decided to throw a surprise lunch for our department. I decided that I would bake a cake and life would be grand and I would go home from work in a carb-induced state of happiness. All was great. The cake got made, after two trips to Target to get flour and then smoke alarm batteries, it looked horrible but I knew it would taste fine. 

Cargo Vest with a sequin top and plaid
Cargo Vest with a sequin top and plaid

I got to campus ridiculously early because I knew that I didn’t want to walk a mile uphill carrying a 2 layer cake and backpack. I  drove onto campus and got a prime parking spot. Perfect. Now, KU still hadn’t cleared off the snow from about 10 days previous and it had melted just enough to be icy and gross. I went over to the passenger side to get the cake. Got it. Then turned around and stepped into about a 3ft tall ice/snow pile. I slid. My foot got stuck and the cake went forward. I literally screamed “NOT THE CAKE!” and jumped onto the concrete. Well, what I thought would be a jump. It was more of a flopping face-plant onto the concrete. I laid there, unsure if I was still alive. I opened my eyes and realized that only only was I alive, but I had saved the cake. Then I realized that about 10 people were watching the whole saga through their apartment windows. Hope you enjoyed the show. 

Cargo Vest with a sequin top and plaid

Cargo Vest with a sequin top and plaid

Cargo Vest with a sequin top and plaid

Wedge Booties
Shirt: Target (exact)
Jacket: Refugee (exact)
Necklace: Hello Cheeseburger (similar)
Jeans: Gap (exact)
Shoes: (similar) (similar)

Second story, I got stuck inside of a dress, in a dressing room. Normally I have a good idea if the dress doesn’t fit and can get if off pretty easy. This dress though was different. It fit great over my hips and chest. Wahoo! I thought. I zipped it up, did my usual dressing room dance to make sure it moved properly (we can discuss this later) I was feeling GOOD. That dress was flawless. 

I went to unzip it. Nothing happened. I turned around to try and see if the dress was stuck or bunched on the zipper. Nothing. I tried it again. The zipper literally would not move. At this point I begin to panic and my arms were getting tired of being stretched behind my neck trying to get the zipper down. I began to sweat. I texted my friends for moral support. All I got was texts of uncontrollable laughter. I sat down. I considered just buying the dress and walking out with it on because I was convinced it was never coming off. At this point it had been 10 minutes and I was literally sweating. 

I swallowed my pride and walked out of the dressing room. With the dress on. Sweating and all blotchy. I had to ask two sales associates to help me get the dress off. What turned into a quick shopping trip took an hour, 35 minutes of which were spent being stuck in a dress. 

And that ladies and gentleman, is so Alissa.