The story of how I ended up with baby pumpkins

Ok, fall pumpkin picking is like Christmas morning for me. I’m a complete nerd. I HAVE to have the perfet pumpkins for me and the boy. These two were the clear winners after about 15 minutes of looking….but then……
Look!!! That strange shaped one? The boyfriend got it for me and I LOVE it, there is something about the shape that I love. But then….I walked past the mini pumpkin field. It was like a field full of babies!!! I, being the nurturer that I am completely had to get a baby for my pumpkins. So……..Yes, I have a pumpkin family. Seriously, I need a baby or animal, I have to nurture something!

You guys, this is my adorable boyfriend, meet him! He spent so much time go over pumpkins and finding the perfect one for me. Thank you honey so much for your time and energy making everything perfect for me. Not just that day, every single day. You complete me.

And…..our family!!!!!!