The weather rules of Kansas

Dress: Dillard’s/Cardigan: TJ Maxx/Belt:Urban Outfitters/Boots:Weavers

1. When taking photos on a perfectly calm day, there is going to be a random 45 mph wind gust that will ruin every photo and continue to blow till the moment you stop taking photos. True story. 

2. Wear layers because in the morning it s 35 and by noon it’s 65 and you are sweating and trying to move as much clothing as possible without being indecent. It’s also going to randomly snow one afternoon.

3. Wear boots because when the weather forecast says 0% chance of rain, it’ll rain. Oh but when it says 95% chance of rain? It doesn’t actually rain and you carry an umbrella around all day like an idiot. When it is officially spring and you rotate all of your clothes… will need them the next day. 

These 3 rules just so happen to happen within a 12 hour period. Currently it feels like walking into a zoos horribly humid rain forest. While taking outfit photos it was windy, the moment we stopped the wind ceased. 

Anyway, I suppose we all have our weather gripes. Mine just happened to all happen within a 12 hour period. This is the 2nd time I have worn this dress and I need to figure out a 3rd way, blogging tends to make me only wear something 1 or 2 times and then bury it. Anyone else have this issue? How do you find inspiration to restyle something?