The Weekend Uniform

Chambray: Fortuity/Pants: Aerie/Necklace: TJ Maxx/Shoes: Target

I did everything in this outfit over the weekend. I cleaned the bathroom, baked and cooked, took a nap in it. Basically, like I said, everything, which explains the wrinkles I have on my chambray. I didn’t think about ironing my outfit before we took photos. Sorry! 

Actually no, I didn’t think about ironing my outfit because I refuse to own one. Why? I never get it done correctly, there are always wrinkles and its frustrating to me. My solution? Throw everything into the dryer and then spray with Downy Wrinkle-Release spray and you are good to go. Or send it to the dry cleaners. Either way gets you out of dealing with ironing. That is one domestic thing I don’t care to master. That and figuring out how to get a sparkling bathtub. I think the only way that happens is if you just buy a new one.